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Serien Lighting

Lamps from are architecture-focused elements with a high standard of handicraft and consequent design down to every single detail.

Lamps from are made of materials that match the application purpose of the lamp. They are in line with what every lamp should achieve: accentuate, change the atmosphere or emphasise specific areas. At the same time our claim on design is not only the fulfilment of a high creative standard but also a constant process. Lamps from continuously reshape in order to harmonize with the new developments of the sources of light. was founded by Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf in 1983. Today proprietary models as well as works of other designers are being developed and produced.

Ambiances & Références de Serien Lighting

  • Serien Lighting     |
  • Serien Lighting Lampadaire Lampadaires Luminaires Intérieur  |
  • Serien Lighting Lampe d'architecte Lampes Luminaires Intérieur  |

Produits de Serien Lighting

  • Serien Lighting - slice - Lampadaire


    Designer : Jean-Marc da Costa

    Prix sur demande
  • Serien Lighting - zoom - Lustre


    Designer : Floyd Paxton

    2 déclinaisons

    Prix sur demande
  • Serien Lighting - ventilator - Ventilateur De Plafond


    Designer : Manfred Wolf

    Prix sur demande