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    RS Barcelona Barbecue portable - Mon oncle bbq

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    Briefcase with a tasty suprise
    Mon Oncle is a reinterpretation of the classic concept of a barbecue. Closed, it's an elegant briefcase with character and a vintage feel. A briefcase with a surprise. As, open, it is a portable tabletop barbecue: innovative, hard wearing and very useful.
    It can be used at home, on the terrace or balcony, or take it to a picnic. It is easy and quick to dismantle, clean and storage.

    The whole structure is perforated with tiny holes are designed not only for aesthetics. Those holes allow the air to flow making it more powerful and the grill hotter and making sure that the case doesn't overheat.

    We suggest you to use coconut shell ecological charcoal for its properties: There's no flame, it retains heat and generates very little smoke.


    • Origine : ESPAGNE

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    RS Barcelona - barbecue portable rs barcelona mon oncle - Barbecue Au Charbon

    Designer : Mermelada Estudio

    Très pratique, v ous pouvez l?utiliser en intérieur, sur la terrasse, sur le balcon, ou l?emmener ...

    2 déclinaisons

    303.60 € env.

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