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    A journey around the world to explore a fusion of inspirations and trends is the theme of the GUESS Kids FW18 girl’s collection. For boy’s, the collection takes its cue from the college world, but this time it's a journey back in time, from the 1960s to the year 2000. A lively melange of colours, textures, lurex accents, animalier prints and embroidery give life to a collection with a vintage yet contemporary attitude, all under the insignia of carefree playfulness. JUNIOR GIRL Aristocrafted Occidental Delicate floral motifs add a vibrant edge to stylish looks inspired by Parisian elegance. Dark green, antique pink and black, offset by sparkly sequins and lamé make for a sophisticated finish, while refined lace and pleats adds an extra-special touch of glamour for everyday ensembles and beyond. Aristocrafted Eastern Eastern inspiration ripples out into an explosion of speckled prints, embroidered floral accents, bird and wild animal motifs. Vibrant colours, like deep red and night blue, add a vivacious character to romantic cuts and ruches. Meanwhile, the animalier, faux fur jacket is the perfect complement for cool urban looks. Aristocrafted Northern Candid white and grey colour hues recall the unique charm and warming atmosphere of Nordic cities in winter. Shiny materials in cold tones, like silver, shimmer on tops, skirts and dresses, brought to life by dynamic black and red stripes and motifs. For special occasions, it’s free reign to sparkly sequin dresses and statement accents. JUNIOR BOY Class of 1960 The college theme takes its cue from a decade of great change and conquests. A decisively vintage colour palette plays with warm tones on easy-to-wear, versatile designs with a casual yet stylish attitude. Class of 1990 The GUESS brand returns to its origins with revisitations of popular Nineties colour tones, like bright green, red and blue, in colour block motifs. Class of 2000 Black & white gets the green light in these confidence-oozing, street-inspired designs, accentuated at times by iconic GUESS red accents. TODDLER, INFANT AND NEWBORN Explore the earth, sea and space Kid’s fashion picks up on the themes of the girl’s and boy’s collections, but with a decisive accent on imagination and adventurous journeys to incredible places. From planet Earth, with its warm colours and patterns; the sea with its white and grey wintery hues and soft blue reflections, right the way through to outer space, expressed in a twinkling array of starry prints. Highlights: Colours: dark green, antique pink, cream, black, deep red, night blue, mustard, grey, silver Prints: maculate, floral motifs, stripes, stars, natural elements.
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    Playtime Paris - 2019
    Playtime Paris
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